• Joel Cox (American Sniper) & Kevin Eastwood (The Romeo Section)

  • Adam Reed (Archer) & Liz Shannon Miller (Indiewire) share a laugh.

  • Damon Lindenoff (Lost) and Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad)

VIFF Industry 

Now in its 31st year, VIFF Industry is the premier screen based media conference on the West Coast and takes place annually during the heart of the Vancouver International Film Festival. Session topics are wide-ranging and industry relevant, from financing and production, to marketing and distribution, to storytelling and audience engagement.  Our programs are designed for established and emerging film, television and digital media professionals and include:

  • Totally Indie Day
  • VR Rises II – panels and immersive experiences
  • Screen Dialogues
  • Marketplace for digital content
  • Digital distribution program and lab
  • DGC Master Class series
  • Keynotes
  • Hub for industry stakeholder program launches, announcements and discussions
  • Public/industry exhibition of screen-based content
  • Year-round programming at the Vancouver International Film Centre

Highlights for 2015 included:

See 2015 VIFF Industry Brochure